5 Most Popular Posts of 2017

There’s no better way to start the year than with a list looking back at the year that’s passed.

(Well, there are probably many, many better ways to start a year but this is what we’re doing!)

We crunched the Google Analytics, analyzed the WordPress stats, exported the social media reports, and gulped a few cups of coffee. And when the dust settled, these 5 blog posts emerged as your most favorited and most shared blog posts.

9 Marketing Trends To Watch in 2017

Isn’t it ironic that our list of most popular posts starts with a list itself? In early 2017, we shared our point of view on 9 marketing trends to watch for. How did we do in our predictions? While mobile has certainly come to dominate Internet traffic and native/content marketing has flourished, virtual reality and augmented reality are still not yet as ubiquitous as many felt it might be. Influencer marketing may be reaching its peak saturation levels while live streaming has moved straight into the mainstream.

Email Subject Lines That Work: 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Our second most popular post shared best practices on crafting irresistible subject lines. Much of our advice still rings true, but it’s equally important to consider that your audience will change over time and what worked in the past might not work so well if repeated. It’s important to continually test and monitor open and click rates while testing new approaches. If your budget allows, incorporate marketing automation solutions with artificial intelligence to test multivariate subject lines all at the same time. (Ask us for more details if interested!)

5 Logo Design Trends for 2017

Another list makes the list! In this popular post, we explored the characteristics that make a great logo. Despite all the tech advances in marketing, good logo design still focuses on fundamentals like being memorable, appropriate, and unique without being driven by fads. This post also shared trends in modern logo design that just might inspire you to take a new look at your old logo.

One Entrepreneur’s Secrets to Success After 25 Years in Business

In April of 2017, Eclipse celebrated a milestone 25th year anniversary and Founder & CEO Margaret Boller took time to reflect on key success factors that drove the company’s growth and success in this popular blog post. Margaret shared how she is “Proud, Blessed and Grateful—and Not Ashamed to Admit It” along with her thoughts on staying positive and striving for balance.

Millennials and Direct Mail: A Winning Combination for Marketers

Capturing the attention and spending power of Millennials continues to be a priority and marketing objective for almost all brands, making this blog post and On Demand webcast one of our most popular pieces of content all year. We explored how despite being digital natives, recent research has shown that Millennials respond to relevant direct mail that’s well-designed and interactive more than any other age group. For those who haven’t yet included direct mail in their marketing mix, particularly when targeting Millennials, the blog and webcast presented data-driven considerations showing the value of doing so.


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