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5 Questions with Lydia Dey

Welcome to another chapter of our blog series called “5 Questions,” which introduces you to one of our many talented Eclipse Marketing team members. This time, let’s meet Lydia Dey—Coordinator, Account Management, who works with our network clients including HBO, Turner, Viacom, Showtime and lots more. Lydia joined our team earlier in July 2017 and has quickly become a valuable addition.

Get to know Lydia below and make sure to follow her on LinkedIn.

  1. How did you decide that marketing was the career that most interested you?
    • I’ve always been fascinated with the many industries under the umbrella of communications. In college I learned more about the way we present ideas and information, the audiences we present them to, and the different mediums we can do this through. I became really interested in understanding how to market products and ideas, because of the importance in understanding your audience. Recognizing the motives and appeals of an audience are really cool to me, and especially then finding ways to tailor your product or idea to those groups!
  2. What’s something about you that your coworkers might not know?
    • I’ve been on TV! For probably a total of 5 seconds. I interned for a cooking show on a major network; I learned a ton and it was a great experience. But my claim to fame from the job was that I handed out food on TV a couple times. It’s always funny because the reality of my “time on TV” is that I was handing out chicken wings. Nothing glamorous, but I think that’s the best part.
  3. What are some of your favorite TV shows and why?
    • I’m typically a fan of drama series, but there are so many good comedies coming back this fall! I’m looking forward to the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm. The characters on that show wind up in the most absurd and unimaginable events, but viewers might also sit and think “Huh, I think I kind of relate to that?” That’s also why I’m a fan of The Mick, which just returned to Fox. Again, the stories in each episode are bizarre and wild, but then you think “Hey, I feel that way sometimes too!” With the help of social media I think viewers, more than ever, want to be able to watch a program they are able to talk about to other people. Shows like Game of Thrones or The Bachelor are easy to talk about because there is a ton of drama, and potentially controversy. Comedies can be wacky and ridiculous, but if they have themes or emotions that, without all the laughter and jokes, viewers are able to relate to I think that is what keeps their fan base and relevance.
  4. Are there any upcoming marketing trends that you are excited about?
    • It’s nothing new necessarily, but I was reading the other day that Fox will be premiering its new series Ghosted on Twitter. This isn’t the first time this has happened, but I do think it’s pretty wild to live in a time where a major network doesn’t premier their new program on their network, but on an app! I can certainly see why it might be beneficial; I’m sure it will reach a broader audience this way. Interested to see how that goes, and to see if this becomes more and more common for premieres!
  5. What has been the biggest surprise since you started working at Eclipse Marketing?
    • I’ve been surprised by how much I have been able to learn in three months! This is my first job out of college, so I was excited to be able to start learning in the environment I found at Eclipse. But beyond that, I have been included on parts of the business I wouldn’t have expected to be. I think as a recent graduate, it’s easy to fall into the assumption that you will only be valued as such and that it’ll be hard to be taken seriously. It has been so exciting to be able to tell friends and family that I feel valued as an employee, especially because of the responsibility and exposure I’ve been given here!


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