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The Santa Clarita Diet’s #Killer Campaign

If you are a frequent user of the social media platform Instagram, you have undoubtedly been witness to various types of sponsored posts from celebrities, reality stars, and other social media influencers. Some of the most notable ads are for sunglasses, subscription boxes, workout apparel and the ever-prominent diet drinks and teas. So when Netflix® was about to release their new streaming series The Santa Clarita Diet, their clever team of marketers teamed up with top influencers to create a unique, tongue-in-cheek campaign that played on the common diet-themed influencer posts—resulting in a genius social media campaign.

Chosen influencers of the lifestyle, fashion, fitness, and beauty markets promoted the “#Santa Clarita Diet,” which refers to the flesh-eating regimen of a newly transformed zombie played by Drew Barrymore.  With a reach of up to 3.2 million followers per influencer, they all posted several pictures of them posing with cups, shakes and protein powder containers that display the Santa Clarita Diet logo and included motivational captions promoting the perfect way to get into shape for the new year. The official “Santa Clarita Diet” Instagram account reposted all of the influencer’s images for increased amplification. Netflix even set up a fake website explaining details about the unusual diet.

New year, new diiiiiiiet. @santaclaritadiet #santaclaritadiet #staytuned #ad

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Knowing that consumers rely heavily on word of mouth recommendations, Netflix was able to skillfully push the boundaries of typical influencer marketing and deliver a smart, memorable campaign that gained attention for all the right reasons.

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What other brands do you feel have utilized influencer marketing in a truly unique way?


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