‘Tis the Season for Direct Mail

With the Holiday season quickly approaching, now is the time to take a long, hard look at your Holiday marketing campaigns and make any last minute adjustments.

Our recommendation: Make your list and check it twice to be sure that you have a robust, multi-platform marketing mix which should include Direct Mail.

With the rise of and focus on digital marketing, you might be asking yourself, why Direct Mail?

First, direct mail is alive, kicking, and generating revenue. According to the 2015 DMA Statistical Fact Book, direct mail has a 3.7% response rate compared to 0.62% for all digital channels combined. In addition, 42% of direct mail recipients either read or scan their mail daily and only 44% of advertisers are using three or more channels, which translates to more opportunity to get noticed using mail.

According to the 2016 Email Marketing Metrics Benchmark Study by IBM, there’s an 18.8% lower open rate for emails sent between November 27th and December 31st. There’s also a significantly higher rate of emails sent during that time, with companies often doubling the number of emails they send during that holiday window.

So now that we’ve established why direct mail is a valid tactic to consider, let’s analyze the psyche of your target to make sure we are able to capitalize on the “Holiday Shopper” and compare it to the “Average Shopper”.  While the average shopper is most likely to begin as a casual browser, visiting multiple websites and brick and mortar stores, the Holiday shopper is in hot pursuit of specific items and is more likely to make a purchase on the first site or at the store first visited in the interest of time. Another difference, and probably the most important observation, is that the average shopper has an affinity for specific brands but the Holiday shopper is driven more by price and tends to possess a much lower brand affinity.

So, how do you capitalize on the aforementioned in direct mail creative? In addition to making the direct mail piece more “festive” in design, we recommend leveraging any discounts available, charitable associations with your offer, and also take advantage of this time to reward your most loyal customers with a special Holiday perk.

Also, because everyone’s mailboxes tend to get full during the holiday season with all of the catalogs and greeting cards they receive, make sure that your direct mail piece cuts through the clutter by using a unique format or finish.

Most importantly, integrate your print with digital. Using QR codes, Snap Tags, Watermarks and other advanced technologies within the creative will allow your customers to conveniently go from the mail piece directly to a mobile-optimized online shopping experience to help maximize your ROI.

Bottom line: A multi-channel Holiday marketing strategy including direct mail will set the stage for a prosperous return.

Happy Holidays and Happy Marketing from Eclipse Marketing Services!

Debbie Dawson

Debbie Dawson

Senior Account Director at Eclipse Marketing Services
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