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10 Reasons to Engage Latinos in Your Marketing Campaigns

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month—September 15 until October 15—let’s look at just a few of the compelling reasons to engage Latinos in your brand marketing endeavors… every month.

  1. The largest ethnic minority in the U.S., there are 58 million Hispanics living in the United States, comprising 18% of the overall population and much more in numerous DMAs.^
  2. Half of U.S. Hispanics are under 29 and nearly a quarter of all Americans age 6 to 34 are Hispanic*—greatly influencing everything from purchases to pop culture.
  3. Hispanics have $1.7 trillion in purchasing power!^
  4. Non-essential/discretionary spending among Hispanic households grew 5% in the past year—compared to 3% for non-Hispanic households. The spending varies greatly by market. For example, in the Miami market Hispanic households account for 43% of the area’s discretionary spending, compared to just 4% of the Washington D.C. market’s.*
  5. 29% of Hispanics are TV Cord Cutters with no TV subscription.** And, 34.4% of Hispanic adults online subscribe to a skinny bundle—nearly three times the percentage of non-Hispanics at 12.2%.*** If you want to grow your linear TV subscribers or your OTT penetration, Latinos need to be on your radar.
  6. Nearly half of Hispanic households on the Internet make over $60,000 per year, 25% of them make over $100,000.**
  7. Hispanics over-index in the use of social media, regardless of age. Social media is the #1 activity among Hispanic Millennials 18-34 and #2 for Hispanics 35-49.**
  8. Hispanics share the most on-line and social media content vs non-Hispanic Whites – 33% more for ages 18-34 and 26% more for ages 35-49.** Don’t miss out—engage them!
  9. A recent VIANT study indicated nearly 50% of Hispanic shoppers reported they had either discussed a brand online with others or used a brand’s hashtag in social messaging—compared to just 17% of non-Hispanic shoppers.
  10. More than 1 million Latina/Hispanic women are making regular recommendations on social media—11% more than the average internet user. And, an impressive 19% of Latina are influencers, with many acting as brand ambassadors via their lifestyle blogs.**

There are many more reasons to connect with Latinos, but hopefully this short list is enough to convince you they are—and will continue to be—a key component in generating growth and revenue for your brand.

Don’t Do It! Some marketers make the mistake of trying to connect with Hispanics simply by using Spanish in some targeted campaigns. Authentic engagement, interaction on social media and incorporating their cultural nuances in both English and Spanish are a must. Need assistance? Contact our Multicultural Marketing Department.

Special credit to Natty Romera, President of Eclipse Marketing Services & Head of its Multicultural Division, for sharing her wealth of knowledge about the Hispanic market and endorsing the development of this blog.

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** Captura Group/2018 AHAA Hispanic Market Guide
***Insights from the Simmons New Media Study and presented in Ad Age’s Hispanic Fact Pack 2018
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Joan Coyne

Joan Coyne

Sr VP, Marketing at Eclipse Marketing Services
Joan is responsible for identifying new business opportunities that are aligned with the agency’s core competencies within entertainment, technology, government, and related industries.
Joan Coyne

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