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5 Questions with… Aldrick del Rosario

Welcome to another chapter of our blog series called “5 Questions,” which introduces you to one of our many talented Eclipse Marketing team members. This time, let’s meet Aldrick del Rosario—Frontend Developer / Web Developer.

Aldrick joined Eclipse in May 2017 and has become an invaluable asset to the company and its clients. Get to know Aldrick through the below interview and follow him on LinkedIn.

1. What do you like most about working at Eclipse?

The people! We respect and support each other in the work that we do. Plus, working with the entertainment industry is… ahem… entertaining.

2. Tell us about one of the best projects you worked on at Eclipse. What was the challenge and how did you solve it?

One project that sticks out is a guide we created for the Studio Digital Showcase. I was tasked with designing and developing the digital counterpart to the printed piece. It was straightforward enough to pick up content from the printed version, but I also implemented elements specific to the digital version, such as “Add to Calendar” functionality for events and animations to improve the overall presentation.

3. What’s something about you that your coworkers might not know?

Hmm, I’m left-handed, so there’s that.

4. What are some of your favorite shows or videos to stream?

I always watch Star Wars and Jurassic Park/World when they air. Disaster movies are fun to watch as well. 5. How do you keep up with tech news and advancements? Smashing Magazine and Sidebar are both good sources.

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