We believe in the power of imagination and education and are dedicated to creating engaging experiences that will transform the way people interact with each other and the brands they are interested in.

Our Formula

The Target

Carefully defining the target is a campaign’s most important asset. The more defined the audience, the better chance to make an offer that appeals—and the more likely they are to respond. Eclipse offers experience in targeting, analysis, segmentation and more across print and digital.

The Product

Whether driving awareness, education or simply a good offer, how well your agency understands your product makes all the difference. Eclipse digs deep to understand the needs and interests of your target to make your product or offer shine.

the message

At Eclipse, we gather research, creative briefs, strategy, and communication objectives and transform them into an authentic marketing communication message. This results in copy and design that resonates with its targets.

The key performance indicators

Eclipse works with our clients to define their critical Key Performance Indicators at the onset of any campaign, which will guide the strategy and development we execute and offer a benchmark for future measurement.

Core Services

Harness the power of digital media across web, display, and social to create awesome and unforgettable experiences that lead to loyalty, usage and retention. Integrate digital with channels like direct and mobile for even higher lift.

Website, Microsite & Landing Page Development

  • Responsive Design
  • CMS Development and Maintenance
  • Advanced Programming with API Integration
  • Ongoing Site Maintenance
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Hosting Services

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media – Strategy, Research, Design, Community Management, Analytics
  • Content Marketing – Exclusive entertainment and celebrity interviews and assets for use in blogs, social media, editorial articles and more
  • Email Marketing – Strategy, Research, Design, Responsive Development, List Procurement, Analytics
  • Digital Display and OOH Advertising – Strategy, Research, Design, Media Planning & Placement, Campaign Optimization, Reporting
  • Video editing and animation
  • Infographics, interactive brochures, annual reports and affiliate press kits

Are you talking to me? Effective direct marketing, including direct mail and email marketing, is personal, tangible, and compelling with strong calls-to-action. Better yet, it’s perfect for testing and refining to maximize reach. When you work with Eclipse you have access to our full range of print and digital direct marketing capabilities, so you’ll have the advantage of having one partner to manage all the moving parts of your campaign.

Direct Mail Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Format Selection
  • Creative Development
  • Lettershop Mailing Services
  • Targeted Mailing List Data
  • Variable Printing / Personalized URLs
  • Postage Reduction Strategies
  • Campaign Analysis & ROI

Digital Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Landing Page Development

In our constantly connected world, thinking mobile first is a given. What else? It’s time to think apps, SMS, mobile advertising, wearables… and before you know it, the next great thing in mobile is about to launch. Will you be ready?

Mobile Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting
  • Responsive Design
  • Creative Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Display Advertising
  • SMS and MMS Marketing
  • Application Development

The world is multicultural. Your customers and prospects are too. We believe in the power of multicultural marketing framed in authenticity – connecting brands to their audience’s true passions to create lasting relationships. Eclipse specializes in US Hispanic and Latin American markets, as well as the African-American and Asian segments.

Multicultural Services

  • Strategic Planning, Research & Insights
  • Cultural Consulting
  • Market and Acculturation Analysis
  • List Procurement & Data Append Service
  • Creative Development
  • Translation, Transcreation and Copy Adaptation
  • Content Marketing – Exclusive celebrity and entertainment assets to be leveraged across multiple channels
Nexos Latinos® –  Eclipse creates and publishes this bilingual content-driven direct marketing tool that connects Marketers to Hispanics in their language of preference, and more importantly in-culture.
  • Delivered to households as a high-quality magazine or via email as a digital magazine.
  • Utilized by Fortune 100 companies for customer retention, loyalty, appreciation and upgrade.
  • Features exclusive celebrity interviews, photos and video content.
  • Honored with numerous awards since 2009:
    • Six-time consecutive winner of NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Award
    • Four-time Portada Top Hispanic Print Media Innovation
    • Two-time Gold CTAM Mark Awards for Multicultural Marketing Direct Mail
  • Advertising opportunities available

Eclipse is the go-to agency for managing and organizing cooperative marketing programs among networks, studios and MVPDs (Multichannel Video Programming Distributors) across the entertainment industry. We have been trusted for over 24 years as brand stewards for multiple stakeholders coming together to motivate consumer viewership.

Strategic Partnership Services:

  • Extensive network and studio partnerships with long-standing relationships
  • Negotiation of co-op and subsidy dollars to offset cost to MVPD
  • Access to fresh content assets, photos, and videos
  • Knowledge of and adherence to legal and creative approval process for all stakeholders