Under the influence: The Pros and Pitfalls of Influencer Marketing

With so much content and ad placement in the digital world, sometimes it’s hard to gain trust with consumers and cut through the clutter. That’s why Influencer Marketing has seen increased popularity on the digital and social platforms. Having well-known “experts” in a specific field endorse a product on social media gives relevance to the product.

Although this marketing method continues to gain traction, does it work? Below are a few of the benefits and concerns about using Influencer Marketing.

The Pros

  • Reach Your Attentive Target Audience

    In advertising, reaching your target audience is vital. One of the benefits of Influencer Marketing is once you’ve found the right influencer, you’ve also found your built-in target audience—an audience that has willingly opted to follow and receive that person’s content, thoughts, and opinions.

  • People Over Brands

    Think about how important ratings and reviews are to a business. People want to hear the benefits of a product from a company, but make final decisions based on feedback from friends, family, and online communities. When you choose to follow somebody on social media you are building a relationship, trust, and credibility with that person – hearing how great a product is from a trusted source goes a long way in buying a product.

  • Create Buzz and Excitement for New Products

    Influencers are often looked at as trendsetters. Giving first-look and exclusive access to new products for influencers to share on their social platforms creates excitement and anticipation for new products.

  • An Added Focus Group

    See how content from influencers is performing by analyzing and tracking followers’ reactions. Plus, by using multiple influencers and different marketing messages you can see what’s working before you use more traditional marketing methods.

  • Reach Younger, Key Audiences

    Millennials and Gen Z consumers are leaving traditional TV in favor of digital and streaming media platforms. Influencers discussing content on social feeds helps get your message in front of key markets while being more inviting and less “salesy.”

The Pitfalls

  • Are You Hitting the Right Target…with the Right Influencer?

    Picking the right influencer to promote your product is key. Although overall followers would seem to be most important, you really want to make sure that engagement between your influencer and followers is high. Micro-influencers tend to be most effective because they are so focused in specific fields (like fashion, entertainment, food, health, etc.) while also interacting with their followers.

  • Is Your Message Connecting?

    Influencer marketing works best when posts are telling a story – the best advertisements don’t seem to really even be ads. Making sure your product and message connect with your target audience is important. What’s most important… is your marketing content connecting with your influencer? If it doesn’t feel like an authentic recommendation coming from your influencer your partnership probably won’t work.

  • Making “Real” Connections

    Filters aren’t the only thing altering what’s real on social. It’s not uncommon for people to not only buy followers, but to buy “likes” – make sure you feel comfortable with whom you might be getting into business with as an influencer and their audience.

  • Measuring ROI

    Since Influencer Marketing often doesn’t result in direct sales, it’s not always easy to measure results. Engagement, clicks, and conversions can help as top indicators. Plus, with ever-changing social media algorithms, there is concern that content might become less visible. Some larger outlets, like Facebook and Instagram, are requiring sponsored content to be tagged if they are receiving compensation.

At the end of the day, the benefits of using Influencer Marketing outweigh the negatives. Plus, if you’re struggling with how to market your social media platform, using Influencer Marketing is a natural fit. Just make sure your strategy, message, and influencer are on brand with your business.

OVER TO YOU: Are you experienced in Influencer Marketing? If so, please share your insights below. We’d love to hear from you!

John Nugent

John Nugent

Senior Account Director at Eclipse Marketing Services
John plays a pivotal role in the development of marketing campaigns bringing together MVPDs, movie studios, and programming networks.
John Nugent

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