Video Strategy & Production

About the Project

PURPOSE: Altice USA sought to drive incremental On Demand movie buys via a compelling 10-15 minute video that would air on its Optimum barker channel. The video would be updated each month to promote a new featured transactional On Demand movie and offer consumer education on how to order and product benefits.


  • Optimum, part of Altice USA, has about 2.4 million subscribers. They are based in New York and service most of the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.
  • On Demand from Optimum gives customers the freedom to play and watch a movie whenever they want.
  • The Optimum App gives customers the ability and freedom to watch new release movies on their mobile devices in their home anytime and anywhere they want.

THE ECLIPSE SOLUTION: Eclipse Marketing worked with Altice USA to create a template for a monthly video to promote a featured Optimum On Demand movie and provide consumer education. Eclipse continues to update the video each month, matching the featured movie to other VOD marketing initiatives we are also creating. With cooperation from the movie studios, Eclipse obtains movie trailers, free movie previews, and behind-the-scenes content from each featured movie, while also including ordering instructions and product benefits. From storyboard through asset procurement, video production to editing, Eclipse’s role is to strategize, create, and execute this tactic on a monthly basis.