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How Pinterest Can Help Any Business

Visual social media platform Pinterest is considered a go-to resource to find recipes, DIY and craft projects, fashion tips and more, especially among its more than 100 million active users. However, with a little creativity and a strategic plan, businesses across a broad variety of industries can benefit from the visual aspects that Pinterest provides, even if their content falls outside of “typical” pin-worthy topics. Here are a few tips to maximize Pinterest for any business:

  1. Create a Business account. Pinterest offers free accounts to individuals and businesses, though they offer advanced analytics tools to businesses. Be sure to sign up as a business to take advantage.
  2. Focus on your customers. You know exactly what your business wants to promote, but think about it from another angle: your customers’. Step back and ask yourself: What content would they want to see? How could your business inspire, help and offer value? Once you focus on this, you will have a better plan of attack for what kinds of images and topics to cover in your blog posts, infographics, videos, whitepapers and more.
  3. Optimize. There are 3 things to optimize that will help boost your presence on the platform.
    1. Optimize your keywords for maximum searchability. Be as descriptive about your pins as possible. For example, if pinning images from your company’s recent outing, instead of naming it simply “company outing” instead use “Company Outing- Habitat for Humanity Build.” This won’t just help you be found on Pinterest, but also by search engines as well.
    2. Optimize your images. Because Pinterest is all about the visuals, it’s important to make sure that the size of your images falls within best practices and that the production value of the imagery is as high-quality as possible. You can use this handy guide to help you figure out the optimal size for whatever you are pinning.
    3. Optimize your chances for repins. One unique aspect of Pinterest is that it highlights the content and not the user. There are several ways to encourage users to repin your posts, such as including a call to action right on the pin itself and using Rich Pins which allow you to include extras like video, maps or article on the pin itself.
  4. Go mobile. Over 80% of Pinterest activity occurs on mobile devices. If a customer can’t interact with your pin due to it not being mobile friendly, you’ve lost an opportunity to engage. Make sure your pin titles are short and concise and that your description’s first 100 characters are compelling. View your profile and boards from the Pinterest mobile app to simulate how the user will experience your page. Also, if you are driving traffic to your website through pins, make sure your website is mobile optimized as well.
  5. Promote your pins with paid ads. You can target and reach a specific audience segment by using Promoted Pins. You can choose to pay per engagement or visits to your site and track what’s working with full analytics.

Now that you have some basic tips, here are some real-life examples of businesses outside of typical Pinterest categories that have been successful using the platform:

  1. Farmers Insurance. Their Pinterest page is devoted to making you smarter. Pins range from tips for vacationing to funny pictures of dogs and cats that give you tips on how to be the best pet owner possible (and by protecting them with Farmers Insurance, of course).
  2. The Wall Street Journal. Despite being a serious news outlet, WSJ’s Pinterest boards are not just serious articles about serious things. Their page ranges from WSJ Quotes to Adventure & Travel to Recipes.

If you haven’t yet decided if Pinterest is right for you, we hope these tips and insights can help you determine that almost all businesses can benefit from a strategically driven Pinterest approach. Happy pinning!

Danielle Fintzy

Danielle Fintzy

Account Manager at Eclipse Marketing Services
Danielle works to develop creative marketing campaigns and strategies for key accounts in the entertainment and telecom industries. She also is a key liaison to major and indie movie studios for partnership marketing opportunities.
Danielle Fintzy

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