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Margaret Boller founder and owner of Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc. and Donna Hernandez Editor in Chief of the Nexos Latinos brand talk about their latest project Delish-ioso: A Collection of Latino Chef and Celebrity Recipes. The bilingual cookbook has over 15 Latino celebrities and celebrity chefs that share over 45 recipes in both English and Spanish along with their own personal stories.

This Nexos Latinos celebrity cookbook is also brimming with fun cultural facts about everything from the origins of nachos and ajiaco to the great debate about the real Cuban sandwich, from updating traditional dishes like flan and guacamole to the history of our holidays, like Three Kings’ Day and the Day of the Dead. Each recipe is illustrated with mouthwatering images plus stunning photographs of all the contributing stars.

How did the idea for a Nexos Latinos Cookbook come about?

DH: For the past 8 years Nexos Latinos has always been focused on bringing the best of Latino entertainment to Hispanics in the U.S. This, plus my years of experience as an entertainment writer and reporter, had me speaking with actors, singers and hosts and during our conversations I was always impressed about their love of traditions and food. We decided to take these key ingredients, mix it up and create Delishioso: A Collection of Latino Chef and Celebrity Recipes.

MB: Many of the food and celebrity chef interviews and recipes we have shared over the past eight years in our award-winning Nexos Latinos® magazine were really enjoyed by our readers. Several of our surveys revealed an interest in more recipes and food content so it seemed a natural progression from our magazine, to create an engaging book that will whet the appetite of our audience for more great recipes, exclusive stories about the contributing chefs and celebrities, and interesting cultural facts they may not be aware of. Everyone loves to get connected to their heritage, food and culture!

What is your mission with this cookbook?

MB: Our mission is two-fold. First, Eclipse Marketing Services has been connected to the entertainment industry for over 26 years, and through our multicultural division, we have seen the passion that Latinos have for food, family, music, sports and entertainment. They are a driving force behind so many popular trends today, and we know that many cultural experiences and memories are shared around food. Our goal was to develop a cookbook with delicious recipes, combine them with entertaining celebrity stories and cultural nuances, beautifully design it as a “coffee table book” to be given as a gift and shared with family and friends for years. So far, it has received extremely positive feedback…and it’s gorgeous!

Second, as a company, our team believes in causes—whether building homes for Habitat for Humanity, creating useful items to show support for Jersey Battered Women Service in Morristown or saving Salt River Bay National Park and Ecological Preserve in St Croix, USVI—we wanted this cookbook to give back to the community, too.

How does the Delishioso cookbook help the community? DH: Like Margaret said, it is part of our mission. Food, family and education are strong foundations in Latinos’ homes. We have partnered with Hudson County Community College and their Culinary Arts Institute and have committed to donating a portion of our net profits to their Latino scholarship fund. This was a natural fit for us, as they are also located in New Jersey and their program is nationally recognized for excellence and was ranked sixth “Best Culinary School” in the U.S. by “Best Choice Schools.” The HCCC is also designated as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI), one of only 275 colleges and universities in the U.S. recognized as such by the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). And an alumni and local Hoboken restaurateur, Chef Giner, is a contributor who also likes to give back to his community so that was a home run!

How did you choose the artists and chefs in the cookbook?

MB: Our editor-in-chief, Donna Hernandez has an extensive background in editorial content development and has a unique pulse on what’s hot and trending in the Latino world, whether it’s entertainment, fashion, music, or sports. Her connections to current stars and her track on up-and-coming talent was the inspiration to include a diverse group of chefs and celebrities. We also felt it was important to have a good representation of chefs from many parts of the world like Mexico, Columbia, Cuba, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and more.

DH: Yeah, I’ve been in this business a while and have great relationships with many Latinos in entertainment. When I approached them about the cookbook, they were incredibly excited to be part of the project.

Why bilingual?

MB: There are very few bilingual cookbooks. Since the focus of our stories, recipes and fun facts are about the Latino culture and the regional variations depending upon your country of origin, it seemed a natural way to keep the language and the traditions alive! We are living in a very diverse America, and this cookbook appeals to the bilingual, bicultural reader as well as the fully acculturated Latino who still wants to stay connected to his/her roots. Quite frankly, non-Hispanics love this cookbook, too! DH: Latinos live in multigenerational households from abuelita on down and we wanted everyone to be able to enjoy the cookbook.

Which is your favorite recipe?

MB: Lorena Garcia’s Mac & Cheese! I have already made it several times and guests love it. The other reason this is such a great recipe is the secret ingredient. While I was proof reading the cookbook during our editing stage, I freaked out when I read the list of ingredients and there was no pasta! Upon reading the directions, I soon realized that the “mac” is really hearts of palm pieces. What an incredible recipe twist and so perfect for today’s “low carb, no carb” diet fans! It is delish-ioso!!

DH: Anything with sugar but I especially love Farruko’s Flan de Queso because it gives a twist to a traditional flan and it’s spectacular!

Eclipse is a marketing company, what made you decide to go into publishing?

MB: I know it is risky to publish a book, but we have been publishing a bilingual magazine, Nexos Latinos since 2009. The finished product is exceptional and I am confident that many readers will enjoy it for years to come.

Tell us about the “Nexos Latinos” part of the Delishioso cookbook.

MB: Nexos means “connect.” Eclipse Marketing developed this brand to connect to our clients’ customers in the entertainment and technology industry—and deliver a unique and innovative marketing tool for them to engage with each other. The content in the original bilingual magazine is entertaining, educational and motivates readers to trial, upgrade or simply find more value in their subscription entertainment services. This leads to customer satisfaction, loyalty and customer retention. Since its inception, Nexos Latinos has won over 13 awards for its creativity, innovation and results. We were one of the first magazines to incorporate augmented reality back in 2012, bringing these pages to life! Making a cookbook seemed like the next stage of innovation for us.

What else is part of the Nexos Latinos brand?

MB: As the industry knows, “content is king”! We are now creating custom digital “look books” for our clients that can be targeted around key programming tent poles, quarterly thematic campaigns or any other event that could become more engaging through an interactive digital experience, like the World Cup. We will continue to explore other innovative ways to utilize the brand and deliver results for our clients.

DH: It’s exciting to see the many ways we can bring this exclusive Latino celebrity content to the Hispanic market especially with our digital version and our social media strategies. It’s all about engaging them with content they love.

Over to you! To find out how you can integrate the Delishioso cookbook into your multicultural marketing strategy, give us a call or contact the Eclipse Marketing team via email. We’d love to show you how! If you would like to know more about the cookbook go to ¡Buen provecho!

Margaret Boller
Margaret M. Boller, Founder, Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Eclipse Marketing Services, Inc.
Donna Hernández
Donna Hernandez, Editor in Chief, Delishioso, and Nexos Latinos®

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