Why Direct Mail Belongs in Your Marketing Mix

Does it seem funny to you that Eclipse is using an e-mail blast to suggest including self-mailers in your marketing mix?

It shouldn’t. Each of these communications tactics is effective in its own way, and they can attain greater reach, attention, and results when used together.

E-mails are an economical way to communicate directly with a target audience that has opted-in to receive communications from you, to whom you want to send links, whose receptivity you want to track instantly. Best of all, it costs less to send them since they don’t require postage! So why should you go through the expense of having self-mailers designed, printed and stamped? Well, let’s take a look.

  • Each e-mail you send out is competing for attention with a much greater volume of emails in the recipient’s inbox than the volume of printed mail in their physical mail box. Nielsen states that 63.2% of 16–34 year olds see emails “disappearing in the flood of advertisements they receive.”1 The Rochester Institute of Technology reports that “Interestingly, older respondents (55–65 years) valued an email advertisement more than the younger target group (16–34 years).”
  • E-mails may get routed to the recipient’s junk mail folder—unlikely to be seen again. Direct Mail is almost always seen and handled as people sort through their mail—and since they’re perceived as a quick read, they’re often scanned, at least, if their messaging and graphics are inviting.
  • E-mails may be deleted unopened if the recipient is busy. Self-mailers are often set aside and perused when the recipient has time.
  • Your e-mail might be more suitable for another person in the recipient’s household…or for a co-worker. What are the chances the right person will see the recipient’s email? A mailer sitting on a desk or table is much more likely to be shared.
  • Recipients must opt-in to receive e-mails; not so with mail. So, mail can give you much greater reach.

Of course direct mail can also miss the mark. It performs best when it’s…

  • Targeted: Your mailing list will have the greatest impact on your results. A bad list will deliver poor results.
  • Clear: with a simple, easy-to-understand message, announcement or request
  • Powerful: with a great offer…an urgent announcement…an impactful image
  • Personalized: so the recipient feels individually chosen to respond
  • Positive: designed to make the recipient feel respected and empowered

Are you wondering which tactic, or combination of tactics, is best for delivering your next message? Talk it over with Eclipse—we’re experienced in all facets of print and digital communications! Contact Eclipse Marketing at or 1-800-837-4648.

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